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Gebruikersnaam GMSADE
Land Verenigde Staten
Provincie Idaho
Stad Coeur D’Alene

Leeftijd 59
Lichaamstype gemiddeld
Rol Meester
Soort relatie inwonende 24/7 relatie


Experienced, Old Guard type type Master seeking ONLY real time, 24/7 slaves for His polyslave home. slave applicants must be DD free, at least height/weight proportionate, able to relocate on their own power and money, and wanting to live the lifestyle 24/7. No cyber, phone, cam, or part time slavery is ever done by Me. Both experienced and novice slaves are welcome, as long as they are eager, honest, fast learners. Interested applicants should send an email to Me requesting My basic documents that describe Me and My home in great detail. It is also no problem for Me to retain a foreign slave in My home. I also have a profile on the recon site of slave4Master for applicants wishing to get a bit more information on Me. Also, I am former co-director of the men’s MAsT Chapter in Atlanta (now defunct) and one of the founding Members and former co-director of pansexual MAsT Atlanta (now defunct). As such, I have many "real time" references from both submissive types and Dominants that I can provide to legitimize My "reality" in the lifestyle. I also mentor neophytes to the lifestyle (both Doms and subs) and have done so for many years. Those honestly wishing to get some "dos" and "donts" about this lifestyle and who are new to the BDSM world are welcome to message Me for information and guidance. While I welcome slaves not from the US, I expect slaves to come to Me on their own power and finances. There are simply too many scammers and fakers looking for a quick buck for Me to make exceptions, no matter how sincere the story sounds. I mean no slave any offense, but I will consider the slave to be not real if that slave attempts to get money from Me in ANY fashion.
Geregistreerd lid

Leeftijd 59
Rol Meester
Sexuele geaardheid Bi
Veilige sex discuteerbaar
Lengte 178cm (5'10")
Gewicht 63 kg (140 lbs)
Haarstijl lang
Lichaamsbeharing gemiddeld
Huidskleur blank
Roken niet-roker
Drinken soms
Gekende talen Engels, Frans, Grieks
Land Verenigde Staten
Provincie Idaho
Stad Coeur D’Alene
Ik ben iemand die... bereid is naar het buitenland te verhuizen
Registratiedatum okt/28/2005 23:02:52
Laatste bezoek Vandaag, 03:58:12

Interesses in BDSM

orale sex, cum control, milking & edging, kuisheid, tepelspel, anale sex, plugs & dildo´s, Meester & slaaf, hondentraining, huisslaaf, fysieke drill, plassex, zachte SM, harde SM, lichaamsstraffen, elektro sex, leer, skinheads, voeten, bondage, kettingen & boeien, kooi, lul- en ballenspel, vernederingen, hypnose, slaan & zweep, Piercings & tattoos, Spieren en sport, Scheren, Bastinado

GMSADE zoekt een slaaf
inwonende 24/7 relatie
18 - 50
Profiel bekeken 21950Populariteit Je moet een Geregistreerd lid zijn om deze gegevens te zien

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