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Pseudonyme Ownmemaster
Pays United States
State or province Berkeley - California - San Fran
Ville Santa rosa

Âge 39
Body type Slim
Rôle esclave
Type de relation relation 24/7 permanente

A propos

I want to leave my wife and become a 24/7 non consensual slave.i have never even touched another man’s cock.and you can sharpen a pencil in my right virgin ass.i can no longer resist it I think about cock all fucking day and I’m going to burst if I don’t just get raped.over power me .hyp9nitize me control every 0art 9f my life.i thirst for your cum.oh cover me got cum.i will live as a dog my place on my knees at my masters feet.always shaved and clean and very sexual in every thing I do.i am a begger.and I beg you please fuck me
Remarques Suspicious profile
membre gratuit

Âge 39
Rôle esclave
Orientation Heterosexual
Sexe sans risque ? discutable
Taille 185cm (6'1")
Poids 75 kg (165 lbs)
Les cheveux courts
Pilosité imberbe
Genre ethnique Blanc/Caucase
Fumeur Régulièrement
Alcool Occasionnellement
Langues connues Anglais
Pays United States
State or province Berkeley - California - San Fran
Ville Santa rosa
Je suis quelqu´un qui déménage dans le pays
Date d´enregistrement Jan/12/2018 04:48:00
Dernière visite Jan/12/2018 05:54:50

Special interests

Oral sex, Licking, Cum control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, Rimming, Anal sex, Plugs & dildo´s, Master & slave, Dad & Son, Slut & whore, Prisoner & POW, Dog training, Pony training, Forced feminisation, Water Sport, Soft SM, Leather, Uniform, Rubber & latex, Bondage, Chains & cuffs, Cage, Breath play, Cock & Ball Torture, Humiliation, Hypnotism, Wrestling, Couple 4 couple, Blackmail, Bears & cubs, Bikers, Shaving

Ownmemaster recherche Maître
relation 24/7 permanente
18 - 77
United States
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