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Pseudonyme lilium
Pays United Kingdom
State or province Northern Ireland
Ville Belfast

Âge 36
Body type Average
Rôle Maître
Type de relation initiation, des contacts occasionnels, des contacts suivis, relation 24/7 permanente

A propos

In short I’m looking for a blank boy (i.e. 18-30 yo physically fit man, keen to grow his body stronger but have a blank mind). We can negotiate your limits before we start and I will respect your hard limits. Slavery training can be provided for slaves who want to commit to me, preferably for 1+year but I do accept short terms when I have vacancies. Preference will be given to single, tall and strong young man with big, hard cut cock. Straight guys are very welcomed.

Being my slave means u must commit to me fully and u are not allowed to play/serve/sex with anyone else, as u will be owned as my property. This is loyalty and commitment. Progressing to live in with me and marry me so we can be legally recognized as a couple after a period of training with ur satisfactory performance as a slave. U must do everything I ordered, put my pleasure as the top priority of ur life, instead or ur own pleasure (e.g. ur ass).

I can also sub for the right man (light sm, sex slavery). I also love messing up "hot young dumb full of cum" very much. Bulletproof trophy lad or successful stud is a A+, because I’m an ambitious professional and it’s hot to win the world with you.

Don’t worry about the distance due to my current location, I’m happy to relocated for the right man. We start on cam first as your probation period, and if you are good enough during the probation stage we will move in and live together.

PM me if you are interested.

Householding stuff which can be used for sm play:
a bowl (for drinking water as a dog), a belt for whipping, outdoor shoes, a glass (for u to piss in and drink ur piss). sex toys, dog collar, a ruler or a stick for spanking, paper clippers/cloth pins/clothes pegs.
membre gratuit

Âge 36
Rôle Maître
Orientation Homosexual
Sexe sans risque ? toujours SSR
Taille 173cm (5'8")
Poids 73 kg (160 lbs)
Les cheveux moyen
Pilosité imberbe
Genre ethnique Autre
Fumeur Non fumeur
Alcool Ne boit jamais
Langues connues Anglais
Pays United Kingdom
State or province Northern Ireland
Ville Belfast
Je suis quelqu´un qui déménage vers l´étranger
Date d´enregistrement Nov/02/2010 17:50:49
Dernière visite Hier, 17:46:01

Special interests

Oral sex, Licking, Cum control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, Anal sex, Plugs & dildo´s, Fisting, Switch & versatile, Master & slave, Dad & Son, Slut & whore, Prisoner & POW, Doctor & patient, Dog training, Pony training, House boy, Physical drill, Forced feminisation, Soft SM, Hard SM, Corporal punishment, Electro stimulation, Leather, Uniform, Rubber & latex, Bondage, Chains & cuffs, Cage, Cock & Ball Torture, Humiliation, Needles & temporary piercings, Beating & whipping, Bears & cubs, Muscles and sports, Trampling, Bastinado, Cyber & cam

lilium recherche esclave
initiation, des contacts occasionnels, des contacts suivis, relation 24/7 permanente
18 - 30
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