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Pseudonyme NeedTrainer
Pays United States
State or province Boulder - Colorado - Denver
Ville Boulder

Âge 35
Body type Cuddly
Rôle esclave
Type de relation initiation, des contacts occasionnels, des contacts suivis

A propos

Basics: To be trained to be a good slave, with some specifics to be targeted, and for extra kink, I have a boyfriend.

Who I Am: I work odd hours, and have a bf. My bf and I want me to be better trained more for slave/slut-style use as well as fitness, but he is more interested in the final result and doesn’t want to do the training himself (he’s also a working professional and busy).

Complication: I can’t spend a lot of ACTIVE time: I can’t spend hours per day taking orders and showing compliance, a better situation would be to have a list of orders to follow, and mandatory random checks (sending pic within a few minutes of being messaged, etc.).

Training: In priority, beyond (inclusive of?) the slave training:
- Trained hole. My ass is tight, but we think it would be very hot to see it be able to swallow a plug or dildo >3" across and gape.
- Fitness. I have about 20-30lbs to lose and then at least another 10-20 to be converted to muscle.
- Balls stretched. They’re very tight.
- Cum eating. This is exclusive of my bf, he wants me to like eating cum.

Extra: We know that if I’m successful in finding a Master, that Master may be into additional things like nipple torture, CBT, rope work (I have some rope and shoestrings), cum control, chastity, etc.

Example Ideal: You’re a real-life personal trainer (as in fitness) with a dominant streak who wants to train me the way he can’t train his clients: I get more fit while being stretched and made to be a better slave, and you have the know-how to get it done.

Equipment: Dildos, butt plugs (1" to >3"), ball stretchers, clamps, a chastity device, and cardio and weight equipment. I have a Garmin fitness watch which can be used to verify workouts.

Limits: Besides the normal limits, there are two more. One is shaving above my cock (balls, hole are fine). Also, he is opposed to chastity. I know that is a common form of control. I do have a "cock lock" which serves the purpose (prevent erection) but it does not lock. Due to my job, I cannot show my face.
membre gratuit

Âge 35
Rôle esclave
Orientation Homosexual
Sexe sans risque ? toujours SSR
Taille 173cm (5'8")
Poids 95 kg (210 lbs)
Les cheveux courts
Pilosité légérement poilu
Genre ethnique Blanc/Caucase
Fumeur Non fumeur
Alcool Ne boit jamais
Langues connues Anglais, Espagnol
Pays United States
State or province Boulder - Colorado - Denver
Ville Boulder
Je suis quelqu´un qui se déplace moins de 50 km
Date d´enregistrement Jan/31/2018 20:15:35
Dernière visite Jan/19/2019 19:21:49

Special interests

Cum control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, Rimming, Plugs & dildo´s, Fisting, Master & slave, Dad & Son, Slut & whore, Prisoner & POW, House boy, Physical drill, Soft SM, Electro stimulation, Leather, Bondage, Cock & Ball Torture, Hypnotism, Bears & cubs, Muscles and sports, Cyber & cam

NeedTrainer recherche Maître
initiation, des contacts occasionnels, des contacts suivis
18 - 77
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