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Mitgliedsname Ownmemaster
Land Vereinigten Staaten
State or province Berkeley - California - San Fran
Stadt Santa rosa

Alter 39
Body type Slim
Rolle sklave
Art der Beziehung 24/7


I want to leave my wife and become a 24/7 non consensual slave.i have never even touched another man’s cock.and you can sharpen a pencil in my right virgin ass.i can no longer resist it I think about cock all fucking day and I’m going to burst if I don’t just get raped.over power me .hyp9nitize me control every 0art 9f my life.i thirst for your cum.oh cover me got cum.i will live as a dog my place on my knees at my masters feet.always shaved and clean and very sexual in every thing I do.i am a begger.and I beg you please fuck me
Anmerkungen Suspicious profile

Alter 39
Rolle sklave
Orientation Heterosexual
Safe sex Kann man drüber reden
Grösse 185cm (6'1")
Gewicht 75 kg (165 lbs)
Frisur Kurz
Körperbehaarung unbehaart
Rasse White/Caucasion
Rauchen Regelmässig
Trinken Gelegentlich
Sprachkenntnisse Englisch
Land Vereinigten Staaten
State or province Berkeley - California - San Fran
Stadt Santa rosa
Reisebereitschaft würde Landesweit meinen Wohnsitz ändern
Angemeldet seit Jan/12/2018 04:48:00
Zuletzt online Jan/12/2018 05:54:50

Special interests

Oral sex, Licking, Cum control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, Rimming, Anal sex, Plugs & dildo´s, Master & slave, Dad & Son, Slut & whore, Prisoner & POW, Dog training, Pony training, Forced feminisation, Water Sport, Soft SM, Leather, Uniform, Rubber & latex, Bondage, Chains & cuffs, Cage, Breath play, Cock & Ball Torture, Humiliation, Hypnotism, Wrestling, couple 4 couple, Blackmail, Bears & cubs, Bikers, Shave

Ownmemaster sucht nach Herr
18 - 77
Vereinigten Staaten
Profilaufrufe 95Beliebtheit You must be a Mitglied to view this data

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