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Username sbe
Country Belgium
State or province hainaut
City -

Age 41
Body type Average
Role Master
Type of Relation initiation, one night stand


Can be dom or sub !

I’d like to find somebody to have a bondage experience.

Most often, I tie up people, but I like switch too. So if you want to tie me up, you are welcome too ;)

By the way, I would also be glad to meet people for tickle time...

I am not really into dom/sub game, but once tied up, I can take advantage of the situation by playing with you (but always and only for fun) to annoy you. It can be from few hour session to long term bondage (for several days).

Only fun game that can include bondage (with associated teasing), tickling or other kind of soft torture, soft domination/submission (no master / slave game) and (soft) humiliation. (only if agreed end in a relaxed atmosphere)

To give you an idea, I have the same play philosophy than the web site "" : a game soft and fun focussed mainly around bondage, tickling, teasing.

But I am not looking sex. (I mean, no anal, no oral) But it doesn’t mean that is impossible to have some "dick" play : if agreed, kind of teasing like masturbation/ hand job (sometime not to the end to make you frustrated :D), cum control, CBT, chastity, etc... it is possible to discuss on it. :)

By the way, I have a CB6000 and I would like to try once to be a key holder for few days. If someone is interested... :)

By the way, I would like to try foot play... (I have never done it) For a start, I would like to be tied up and let the guy that have tied me up to play with my feet as he want. Anyway, once I am tied up, I can’t do anything against it :)

Photos : 1, 2 and 3 : this is me tied up.
4 => this is what can happen to you :)
Remarks Reference
Trusted Member

Age 41
Role Master
Orientation Straight
Safe sex always safe
Height 5'6" (168cm)
Weight 150 lbs (68kg)
Hair style average
Body hair average
Ethnicity White/Caucasion
Smoke non-Smoker
Drink Never drink
Known languages English, French
Country Belgium
State or province hainaut
City -
I am someone who... travels nationwide
Registration date Mar/25/2007 23:01:40
Last access Feb/10/2015 20:56:07

Special interests

Cum control, Milking & edging, Chastity, Nipple play, Master & slave, Prisoner & POW, Soft SM, Electro stimulation, Sneakers, Feet, Bondage, Chains & cuffs, Cage, Cock & Ball Torture

sbe is looking for a Master, slave
initiation, one night stand
18 - 40
Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands
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Bondage sessie May/06/2012 19:53:23
This master has tied me up for several hours.
It was an unique experience and it has learned me a lot

Thank you. Happy that you appreciate it. May/06/2012 22:44:35

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