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Somewhere in the month of Februari 2010 I have found a very interesting profile of a Master who was searching for older masochistic painslave who also can be abused with needles. After sending first messages on Straypup and later by email we have build up a regular contact. And that was going to a meeting on the 7th of April 2010. By seeing eachother and before by the messages a trustful contact was possible.

But Master Jan had it possible made to know eachother and my thanks for that.

MY MASTER is very experienced and is very good watching how slave is reacting. From that time we had a so-called L.A.T.-relation (living apart together) and after being abused several times it seems both better that a slavecontract had to make up. And that was done on the 20th of June 2010 and from that date my body belongs to MY MASTER. HIS profile on Straypup has the name: sado4maso and the profile of HIS slave is: versa_zaandam.

Slave is very proud to have found HIS MASTER because most Masters are only looking for younger slaves.

From the 20th of June 2010 there now coming about 1 -2 each month SM-sessions. And the stories/pictures and video’s can be seen on the website of MY MASTER and also on the website of HIS slave. The links can be found on both profiles on Straypup.


Master Robby

I found my life partner and Master, Master Robby, here in the Kennel. We spoke for a long time before we even met, and when we did, we knew each other so well that I felt like the part of me missing had been found. We had planned originally to merely be together for 6 months, Him to train me and introduce me to the world of BDSM. I now serve Him as His boy, but we will also be married in a few years. I continue to serve my Master with my body, mind, heart, and my everything.

I would not have been able to meet Master Robby had it not been for the Kennel. This site is responsible for the great love between my Master and I - thank you Master Jan, it is you who brought this boy to his Sir.

And thank you, Master Robby, for finding me and showing me my place.

Boy Boggy
Land:Verenigde Staten
Stad:Cape Cod


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