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Rules for safe dating

The good lord has given us men both a brain and a dick. Unfortunately he did not give us enough blood to operate both at the same time.

It´s a nice joke, but true.

So the first rule is not to make serious plans when you are too horny to think wisely. And don´t let you push by a horny person to jump in your car and meet him straight away.

Ask for a name, address and phone number when you agree to visit somebody. Trust should come from both sides, so be prepared to give your identity too.

It is *not* a good idea to have a stranger pick you up at the railway station and let him take you to an unknown destination.

Tell a friend you´re going to meet someone, and leave a note on your desk with the address.

If possible, meet in a public place before moving to your partners house.

Arrange to call someone shortly after you arrive and prior to play and make sure the person you are with knows you will be calling them again at a specific time. You can use a password so the person knows you are cool or are in trouble and need help.

Follow your guts. If the alarm bells ring, cancel the date.

If you are visiting a Master and you worry about your safety, discuss the matter. If this Master doesn´t understand that you´re nervous, you probably don´t want to submit to him.

By the way, you can also check the references on the profile of your date. If a member has been on Straypup for more than a year, and he calls himself experienced, he might have several references on his profile.


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