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About 24-7 relations

Straypup has many life style Masters and slaves who are looking for a partner. 24/7 means living together. If you don't intend to live under the same roof, don't check 24/7 on your profile.

For a Master 24/7 means that he invites a slave to live in his house. It should also mean that he is prepared (and able) to financially support his boy if the boy has no income. It should also mean that the Master will make sure his boy gets a health insurance.

For a slave 24/7 means that he is looking for a Master to live with. Not that he finds the idea attractive, not that he may do it next year.

A 24/7 relationship is in the first place a relationship. Don't just focus on the BDSM aspects. Talk, chat, skype, write messages/emails until you think you can probably live under the same roof with this guy. Then meet and give it a try. Then decide whether you want to make it a permanent thing.

A few hints...

Don't get in touch with 100 members in the hope that one guy may become your future Master or boy. Get in touch and invest time and energy in your potential partner.

Give trust in order to receive trust. You want to get his name and address ? Give yours. You want to see his face ? Show yours. If he can't show his face on cam, he is fake.

Ask for references. A Master or slave who wants a 24/7 relation but never actually met other Masters or slaves, is not real.

Be honest. Lies will bounce back and hit you in the face.

Don't be shy. Discuss things with a friend before you decide anything. And as always, use your common sense before you meet anyone.

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