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Rules for references

First of all...
We would love to see that every member becomes a trusted member. It would mean that all members are genuine and sincere. That's why we promote trusted membership and that's why we give trusted members a few extras.

We also want the trusted membership to be a quality label. It's purpose is to create networks of genuine members and to increase trust amongst members of the bdsm community. That is why there are some strict rules:

Basically, a reference only confirms that a member is "real". But references usually contain some appreciation about the person who receives the reference. This appreciation may be honest, but should be positive.

You can give a reference to both a Master and a slave, regardless of your own role. The only condition is that you have met him in person, and that you think he deserves your reference.

If you receive a reference and you don't like it, delete that reference. If however you accept the reference, add a little comment (if only by writing "thank you").

If you use the reference feature to write a negative comment, you may loose your trusted membership.

If you give a reference to someone you have never met, your membership may be cancelled. And just to make sure... a cam session does not count.

And finally...
You don't automatically get an upgrade after you receive a reference. Please inform the webmaster and he will upgrade your membership.

Your Trusted membership will expire in 2099. In 2100 the webmaster will extend your upgrade upon simple request  ;-)

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