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Member options

Menu design

The menu is divided in two main blocks: a site menu and a personal menu. The site menu links to options and features that allow you to be inter active with the website. Your personal menu allows you to read your messages, manage your account, profile, photos, favorites and your ban list.

The view profile page opens with a summary page for a quick look, and a page with all the details. References are on a different tab. Members with references are real.

Receiving emails

Straypup will not spam your mailbox. In the past 10 years the website has sent about a dozen mass mails to al members. Apart from these mass mails, you get an email if you have a new message from someone who may be interested in meeting you.

However, under member options you can check the option not to recceive any emails from straypup.

Size of pictures

The maximum size for photo's  is set on 999 KB.

Free Members can now upload more pictures, and create a "private" gallery. We remind you that the first picture in your "public" gallery should be G-rated.


Every member can now choose whether he wants to be rated or not. Click on members options and check/uncheck the participate in rating field.

Membership types...

Straypup has two membership levels:

Straypup will always maintain free members, and offer it's free members a fully functional and reliable dating site.

Straypup still offers extra's to Trusted members, because we want to stimulate genuine and sincere members.

In the future we may introduce a paid membership... Top members who will get top features and top service that will include:

- a private gallery with 48 photos
- view other members private galleries
- save your search results for later reference
- create your own private or public blog and publish your events
- be online but invisibe
- use 30 different fields when you search the data base
- add a video clip to your profile
- see who visited other profiles
- appear at the top of all search results


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