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Rules for photos

There are a few simple rules to follow...

If you don't want your face on your profile, don't put it there. But if you post a face pic, the face should be yours. Posting someone else's face is considered as fake.

The pictures on your public profile can be seen by non-members when they open your profile, so keep it decent. Decent means no visible genitals nor explicit sex.

X-rated photos are welcome in your private gallery.

The pictures you post, should be yours. That means that you pose on the picture or that you made the photo. Copyrighted pictures will be deleted.

All depicted persons should be adults. If we think a guy looks too young, we shall remove the photo.

Photos suggesting or depicting snuff scenes or sex with animals are not allowed.

The straypup webmaster decides when a picture is not suitable for the straypup website.


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