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Suspicious and fake profiles

Straypup wants to offer you a meeting place for genuine and real people with an interest in BDSM, and Master & slave role playing or life style.

Unfortunately, every dating site attracts fakers. Straypup has a strict policy towards fakers, because...

... they are liers who pretend to be someone else
... they play with the feelings of other people
... and they are a huge nuisance for the genuine members.

A little definition

Fakers are people who create a profile with false information: wrong age, wrong country or city, a photo that shows a recognisable face that is not theirs...

Fakers have no intention to meet another person, which is the purpose of this dating site. They cannot make a date because they don't live where they say they live, don't have the age they pretend to be, or they are in a long term relation and have no intention to relocate while they pretend to be single.

Just to be clear... People who have correct information on their profile, but do not show up on a date, are not immediately considered as fakers on this website. They might be nervous beginners or plain cowards, but the webmaster cannot investigate every missed date to check whether the person involved had a good reason for not showing up. People who are repeatedly reported for not showing up, will have their profile marked as "suspicious".

Real fakers however will have their profile deleted or blocked and their true identity might be exposed to warn people for their possibly harmfull actions.

If you are "real"...

... and get an email from the webmaster requesting some information, it probably means that you have a cute face and a very attractive and promising profile ;-)

Don't be insulted, the webmaster only tries to stand up for you and to guarantee towards others that you are genuine and real.

Just remember that you don't *have* to share any personal information to the webmaster. Just like the webmaster does not *have* to accept your profile on his website.

And a few helpfull hints

Every single profile can be real or fake. But there are some indications...

- Profiles with references are probably okay.

- "Trusted members" should be real.
  (you can ask for the trusted member status if you received a reference)

- If a profile looks too good to be true, it may well not be true...

- Let's be serious... BDSM is a very intimate thing. So if a person is interested in dating you,
  but not willing or able to send a face pic, the alarm bells should start ringing.

- Don't send money. If you really need and want to help another person financially,
  transfer money to his bank account. That way you will at least know his identity. Cheques and Western Union are no bank accounts.

- So far, all (central) African profiles have proven to be fraudulous.
  As a result they are not welcome anymore on straypup.

- Never accept a cheque as part of a deal. In most cases it is a scam and the cheque will probably bounce when your bank tries to clear it.

- If you know a profile to be fake, inform the webmaster.
  Just make sure you have some evidence. One line reports that merely say "X is a faker" are useless.

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